About Our Flowers

What are wood flowers and why should I use them?

Wood flowers are hand-cut from Shola wood which grows in marshy areas of India and Thailand. Each flower is made by women in these regions and shipped over to the United States where we dye, paint, and arrange them into your perfect florals! 

These flowers are surprisingly lightweight, soft to the touch, and have a foam-like consistency! Their natural color is ivory with some occasional light wood grain/spots, which give a natural look. This makes them the best faux florals option (though we may be biased). They are realistic, beautiful, and can be customized to match almost anything you can think of! Brides often share that guests couldn't believe their flowers are wood! 

Wood flowers will last for years as a cherished keepsake of your big day! They are also amazing gifts, make great seasonal decor, and are a fun addition to your home. 

explanation of wood flowers being a great budget friendly keepsake option



About Me:

Hello, I'm Madeline! Owner and Head Florist here at Lone Star Florals. I've been a wood floral designer for 2.5 years and live in Northern Utah with my husband, Tavin, and our kitty, Oliver. I'm proud to employ an all female team of floral assistants. It's a dream come true to work with beautiful flowers and make wedding fantasies a reality!